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Sunny Summer Wine Tour

Apr 21, 2016 | Epic Updates

There’s no better way to kick off your summer than going to around to Southwest Michigan’s and Northwest Indiana’s finest wineries and sampling their individual flavors of wine. And since there’s no better way to kick off your summer, Epic Limo started their by-the-seat wine tours. You read correctly: by-the-seat wine tours, sparing you the expense and hassle of corraling 14 of your nearest & dearest. Keep reading to dive headfirst into a glass of homegrown wine….and another Epic Event.

Set the scene: it’s a picturesque sunny summer Sunday. 12 (for the most part) strangers are all standing in and around Epic Limo’s party bus at Epic Limo HQ, eyeing each other and the two complimentary bottles of wine chilling in the mini bar of the bus. Introductions are made, the chauffeur welcomes everyone aboard, and the first bottle of chilled white wine is opened. So one might think that putting 12 almost-strangers together for a wine tour might be an Epic fail or an Epic disaster. But by the time the first bottle of wine is gone, these strangers are now becoming fast friends. Everyone is sharing why they’re here, how they heard about Epic Limo, and what wine they are most excited to try.

The first winery is Lemon Creek Winery in Michigan. The Epic group heads into a private room just through the quaint main foyer with a Mediterranean-meets-old-West feel. Everyone bellies up to the bar and starts sipping their preferred choice Lemon Creek’s fruity and sweet offerings. At the end of the tasting, the Epic chauffeur is patiently loading up everyone’s purchases into the luggage area of the party bus and it’s off to Round Barn Winery & Distillery.

Round Barn is packed with Summer Sunday Winery-goers. While many of them are there to taste their wide varieties of wine (the Epic Crew included), many are there to sample their distillery & brewery libations. The group sprints off the bus and into the circular tasting room to collect their tasting tokens and start the tasting process all over. The ever-patient and seemingly tireless chauffeur helps everyone load their purchases into the existing boxes in the luggage compartment, and a pint of whiskey from the Round Barn Distillery sneaks its way onto the bus along with the crew.

Next Stop: Running Vines Winery in Chesterton, Indiana. It’s a good thing the whiskey snuck (but not really, since alcohol is permitted in the party bus) out of the luggage compartment, because the Epic crew experiences some Epic construction traffic. Within a few passes of the pint, the construction traffic goes unnoticed. The Running Vines staff welcomes the Epic crowd into their downtown Chesterton tasting room with an expansive concrete countertop and sets them up with their tasting glasses. The smooth and sweet wines named after various running distances go down easy and are complemented by the flatbreads and finger foods. The chauffeur alerts the group, and the wine tasters pile back into the bus, exhausted, contented, and all best friends.

So worry not about drinking with strangers or rounding up your relatives! The Epic Wine Tours begin the last Sunday of every month, beginning in April, and are the perfect way to experience what The Region wineries have to offer in absolute luxury.

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