Epic Limo is the first Luxury Limousine company in Indiana to offer the all new 100 percent electric Tesla Model 3. Epic took delivery of two Premium edition Tesla Model 3’s in November 2018. The company then began offering it’s clients the new sedans as an option for travel. Feedback has been overwhelming great on the new additions. Customers have been requesting the Tesla’s on subsequent bookings. Both Vehicles are currently dispatched out of the Valparaiso and Highland locations. Epic plans to move one vehicle to South Bend this summer. With 310 miles of range before needing charged the Tesla’s are well suited to service clients transportation to both Chicago airports. Epic has also made the move to add new tech for its clients and office staff by adding a text messaging feature to it’s dispatch software. Clients used to call the office when they were ready for pick up at the airport. The office would then dispatch the chauffeur to pick them up. Now clients automatically receive a text message from their chauffeur when he arrives at the airport allowing them to contact him or her directly. This tech reduces the call volume at the office location and puts the client in direct contact with the vehicle chauffeur.